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Conscious mindset

Our main Metals are Gold filled, with the aim to create jewellery that will last you years so we could minimise using material that will break, rust, or tarnish with couple uses. 
Other material that we use such as Gold Plated ( in both Stainless steel and Sterling silver) once the plating wear off, will create a beautiful hue of silver which is rust and tarnish free, meaning you can wear it again for longer time.

Our packaging are 100% compostable and eco friendly, such as our kraft paper mailing box, compostable mailing bag, linen pouch, acid free tissue paper, and our paper tape.

Our cards are made with recycled material, and we also use PVC pouch to keep your jewellery safe and secure.

Every decision we make, is to be as conscious with the environment and create a sustainability brand.

We want you to enjoy wearing the jewellery, keep it for a very long time without having guilt of contributing to environmental issue

Our manufacturers and supplier are also ethical and work with us to reduce plastic waste and single use product.