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Collection: The beauty of pearl

We’re celebrating this beautiful gift from nature.

By now you should now that we’re obsessed with Pearl!!! This beautiful gems have been around for ages and we sure understand why. Come with different tone and shape, making this gemstones a class of its own. 

22 products
  • Pearl drop earrings
  • Mili
  • Pearl Hoop
  • Pearl drop Necklace
  • Peachy pearl distance necklace
  • Peachy Pearl drop necklace
  • Classic Pearl Bracelet
  • Beloved
  • Peachy Pearl Huggies
  • Peachy pearl distance bracelet
  • Baroque pearl necklace
  • Baroque pearl earrings
  • Bar Pearl stud attachment (1 piece only)
  • Pearl Drop Huggies
  • Pearl drip earring
  • Pearl and Star earrings