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Collection: Summer in Sydney 2020

In Sydney, we experience season differently, while the majority of the world experience winter on Christmas, we have Summer, barbie (BBQ)  and beach season on Christmas. This collection was inspired by the colourful summer wardrobe and also the shorter night, so we came out with more magical night concept, with a shiny, moon and star-related jewellery, so you won't miss the night sky.

Enjoy this Summer in Sydney 2020

37 products
  • Pearl drop earrings
  • Magical Night
  • Pearl drop Necklace
  • Moonstone drop + amethyst
  • Clover mix rings (Custom)
  • Classic Pearl Bracelet
  • Baroque pearl earrings
  • Baroque pearl necklace
  • Bar Moonstone anklet
  • Mini Aquamarine bracelet
  • Small pearl bracelet
  • Mini Amethyst bracelet
  • Peridot rain
  • Rose quartz rain
  • Pearl Drop Huggies
  • Rose quartz drop + amethysts